The company Rentus de México S de RL de CV (hereinafter Rent Pointer), with the internet domain www.rentpointer.com and its subdomains, is committed to ensuring the privacy of personal information obtained through its online services. Rent Pointer and Rent Pointer® are trademarks registered with the IMPI.

By entering and using this internet portal, offered by Rentus de Mexico S de RL de CV, representative of the website www.rentpointer.com, the user is accepting the terms and conditions of use contained in this agreement and expressly declares their acceptance using for this purpose this electronic medium, in terms of the provisions of article 1803 of the federal civil code. In case of not fully and completely accepting the terms and conditions of this agreement, the user must refrain from using and accessing the website www.rentpointer.com. In case the user uses or accesses the website www.rentpointer.com, it is considered as an acceptance of the Terms and conditions of use indicated here. 

The sole use or access to rentpointer.com grants the general public the status of user and implies full and unconditional acceptance of each and every one of the general and particular conditions included in these terms and conditions of use. 

The user agrees that the use of the website www.rentpointer.com is done at their own risk and that the information, services and products provided and offered therein are not the responsibility of rentpointer.com or Rentus de Mexico S. of RL of CV. Rent Pointer does not guarantee that the page will meet the user's requirements or that the services offered therein will not suffer interruptions, are safe or error-free. 

Rentus de Mexico S de RL de CV, does not guarantee or endorse in any way the veracity, accuracy, legality, morality or any other characteristic of the content of the material published on the website www.rentpointer.com  or its links or subpages.

Rent pointer is released from any responsibility and conditions, both express and implied, in relation to the services and information contained or available on or through rentpointer.com  including: 

• The availability of use of the website www.rentpointer.com and its links or subpages.

• Viruses, errors or any other contaminating material or with destructive functions in the information or in general any fault in said site. 


Rentus de Mexico S de RL de CV will be solely and exclusively responsible for the services it provides itself and for the content directly originated by rent pointer®.

The site limits its responsibility to making available to users an information platform for the rental and/or transfer of use of certain goods, through the payment of a consideration between both users, for which any responsibility derived from the use of the site will be directly attributable to the use of the same carried out by its users. In no case will it be understood that Rent pointer has a mediation duty between the parties or users.

Rent Pointer does not carry out reviews or prior controls, nor does it endorse the advertisements, opinions or communications that are made on the site. Nor is the legality, reality, reliability or accuracy of the advertisements, descriptions and/or photographs uploaded to the portal guaranteed, nor is the reality of the identity of the user or their contact information.

Nor does Rent Pointer guarantee in any way that users use the contents and/or services of the site in accordance with the law, applicable regulations, public order or these Terms of Use.

Rent Pointer is not responsible for the acts committed by users, nor for the damages that may occur as a result of the objects that are rented through the site. Likewise, Rent Pointer will not be liable for damages of any nature arising from the negligent or malicious use of the email accounts used to insert an advertisement or respond to an advertisement, nor for the data provided by users during the registration process.


Adhesion agreement for the use of the website www.rentpointer.com that is entered into by: on the one hand, Rentus de Mexico S de RL de CV and on the other, the user, subjecting both parties to the provisions of this document .


Rent Pointer  reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without the need for notice or notification to the user, to: 

• Definitively terminate this agreement. 

• Discontinue or permanently stop publishing the website www.rentpointer.com  without any liability to Rent Pointer, its affiliates, customers, business partners and/or suppliers. 

The Inactivity on the part of Rentus de Mexico S de RL de CV, affiliates, suppliers to the exercise of any right or action derived from this agreement, at no time should it be interpreted as a waiver of said rights or actions.

Applicable law and jurisdiction

This agreement will be subject to and interpreted in accordance with the applicable laws and before the courts of the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.


Rentus de Mexico S de RL de CV grants the user the non-exclusive, revocable and non-transferable right to view and use the website www.rentpointer.com in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of Use stipulated herein. For the purposes of this agreement, the parties agree that user shall mean any person of any nature who enters the website www.rentpointer.com and/or any of the subpages that display its content and/or any person of any nature to register and/or use any of the services offered on said page. 

The user may only print and/or copy any information contained or published on the website www.rentpointer.com exclusively for personal use, the commercial use of said information is prohibited.

The use, publication, distribution, assignment, subsidence, sale, electronic reproduction or by any other means, partial or total, of any information, document or graphic that appears on the website www.rentpointer.com for any use other than personal non-commercial are expressly prohibited to the user, unless they have the prior written authorization of Rentus de Mexico S de RL de CV.

The user and Rentus de Mexico S de RL de CV agree that the use of the website www.rentpointer.com will be subject to the following rules: 

• The user acknowledges and accepts that the information published or contained on said site does not necessarily reflect the position of Rent Pointer, nor of shareholders, employees and business partners. For this reason Rent Pointer is not responsible for any of the information that is issued on the aforementioned website. The user is recommended to use the information on the website for guidance and consultation. Likewise, Rent Pointer is not responsible for the information contained on the website www.rentpointer.com or any link or subpages of rentpointer.com, on the understanding that the use and monitoring of it is at the risk and responsibility of the user. . Rent Pointer reserves the right to block access or partially or totally remove any information, communication or material that in its sole judgment may be fraudulent, abusive, malicious, inappropriate, misleading, violating copyright, trademarks, confidentiality , industrial secrets or any intellectual property right of a third party or that in any way goes against the provisions of this agreement. 

• The user acknowledges that the information in the published ads may change, so it is recommended to verify the content in it with the lessor directly. 

• All advertisements, publications, opinions, statements, services, offers, photographs or other information or content expressed or made available to the public by third parties belong to their respective author and Rent Pointer  assumes no responsibility for it.

• Rent Pointer  is not responsible for and does not guarantee the accuracy, veracity and/or reliability of any advertisement, publication, opinion, statement, service, offer and photographs published by users through the website www.rentpointer.com  and under no circumstance, Rent Pointer will be responsible for any damage and/or loss, direct or indirect, caused by virtue of the trust that the user places in information obtained through its website. 


Any person, company or any entity that publishes information on rentpointer.com, either directly or indirectly through a third party by providing the information to be published, will be called a "user".

1. Users may not act illegally.

2. The advertisement must explain the characteristics of the product without expressing falsehoods.

3. The products that are advertised must be owned by the user or have the capacity to dispose of them, either in property title or in legal usufruct, in accordance with the regulations and legal limitations in force at any time.

4. Together with the product, updated images must be attached and a true description of the product must be carried out, as well as the price.

5. The form of payment will be freely agreed between the parties, without rentpointer.com being held responsible for the lack of service, payment of all or part of the agreed price.

6. Users will freely agree on the form of delivery and return of the products, as well as the possibility and regulation of subletting, where appropriate.

7. Users guarantee that the rented products will be returned in perfect condition or in the same condition in which it was delivered. In the event that this is not the case, it will be the users who must carry out the actions they deem appropriate, exonerating Rentus de Mexico S de RL de CV from any responsibility.

8. The announcements that are published must comply with the law and the rest of the regulations of our legal system. Otherwise, the ad can be withdrawn at any time and even block the user.

9. Defamation, slander, insults and/or content or propaganda of a discriminatory, racist, xenophobic, homophobic, advocating terrorism or human rights nature may not be disseminated.

10. It is expressly prohibited to advertise products that require authorization and/or a license to do so (example: weapons).

11. In the event of advertising products for professional and/or industrial use, the lessor must ensure that the lessee has the training and/or professional qualification to carry out their use, excluding Rentus de Mexico S. RL de CV on said circumstance.

12. Neither is it allowed to offer sexual services, nor to publish images of erotic content and/or that imply the work of minors.

13. The publication of illegal content, such as stolen products or whose use is not protected by current legislation, is not allowed.

14. It will not be allowed to duplicate ads from other users and/or post ads with fictitious data.

15. Users, whether in their capacity as landlords or tenants, will be in charge of knowing and fulfilling their legal and/or fiscal obligations, regarding the collection of Value Added Tax (VAT), or any other tax that results of application, without Rent Pointer intervening at any time in said relationship.

16. After the rental period, it will be allowed to carry out the evaluation of the other party involved in the operation. It is expressly prohibited to make offensive, discriminatory and/or hateful or violent comments. In that case, the review will be removed and Rent Pointer may remove the ad and the user.

17. In no case may messages be disseminated that threaten the dignity of third parties or that disrespect other users, third parties or groups.

18. The comments made must contain real and verifiable information.

19. Rent Pointer reserves the right, which may be exercised at any time and in a discretionary manner, to reject any ad in a given category or location. Rent Pointer also reserves the right to remove any advertisement from the portal without prior notice to users and/or advertisers.

Users know and accept that any contractual or non-contractual relationship that is formalized through the site will be carried out solely and exclusively between users, without Rent Pointer intervening in said operation.

The User therefore accepts that Rent Pointer has no responsibility for damages of any nature caused by their negotiations, conversations and/or contractual or non-contractual relationships with advertisers or third-party individuals or legal entities contacted through of the portal.


Electronic transfer / Bank deposit or payment through our website:

If your payment is via transfer or deposit, please send proof of payment to the email registrar@rentpointer.com. Once the payment is reflected in our account, we will send you an email confirming payment.

Payment in Oxxo: You must print the barcode to go to pay at your chosen OXXO store. For security, we recommend keeping the barcode and the purchase receipt that the store will provide you. Once the payment is reflected in our account, we will send you an email confirming payment.


In no case are refunds or refunds accepted.

In case of cancellation or modification of any plan or announcement, another may be published for the remaining time of the contracted plan as long as 5 days of the month of the contracted plan have not elapsed. In annual plans, another ad may be published for the remaining time of the contracted plan

Any situation that arises due to change or return must be notified by email to registrar@rentpointer.com, sending a description of the problem or reason for the cancellation or change of publication or plan. 


Rentus de Mexico S de RL de CV, the Rentus® brand, rent pointer®   and the website www.rentpointer.com  , their logos, as well as all the material that appears on said site, are trademarks, domain names, trade names and artistic works owned by their respective owners duly registered and are protected by international treaties and applicable laws regarding intellectual property and copyright in Mexico. 


The user acknowledges and accepts that Rent Pointer is an organization independent of the sponsors and advertisers whose information, images, advertisements, photographs, advertising or promotional material may be published on the website www.rentpointer.com  or where Rent Pointer so decides. for advertising purposes.


Rent Pointer  Rent Pointer may at any time and when it deems it convenient, without the need to notify the user, make corrections, additions, improvements or modifications to the content, presentation, information, services, databases and other elements of said site, without place or right to any claim or compensation, nor does this imply recognition of any responsibility in favor of the user. 

Rent Pointer  may at any time  assign all or part of its rights and obligations arising from this agreement. Rent Pointer  is released from any obligation in favor of the user, established in this agreement.


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